As the Mice and Mystics release draws near (less than a month away!), the videos are piling up. Earlier this month, Colby released an unboxing video when the Fedex guy dropped off the first finished copies in Fremont. But thanks to GenCon and pre-release hype, that's only the beginning. Check out the Mice and Mystics videos from around the web below.

And don't forget to pre-order Mice and Mystics from the store before the 33% discount goes away!

CleonTHPS gives a general taste of the Plaid Hat Games GenCon 2012 Booth:

Mice and Mystics designer Jerry Hawthorne gives BoardGameGeekTV an overview of the game:

Mr. Bistro offers his own description of the game to The Speil (he misspoke and said that the retail price is $50... of course it's only $50 with the pre-order special):

Rodney Smith of Watch It Played receives his copy in the mail and announces that he's working on a "How to Play" video in the style of the Summoner Wars video he did previously:

If you missed Team Covenant's visit to the Plaid Hat Games booth at GenCon to discuss Summoner Wars, check that at as well.

But most importantly, be sure to pre-order Mice and Mystics before it's too late!


PePe QuiCoSE commented:

btw, it's $75 retail and $50 for preorder (on bistro's video).

Posted on 2012-08-30.

jordierainrain commented:

Holy cow I can't wait! I get paid tomorrow so I'm also preordering Vanguard, Fallen Kingdom, Cloaks, Jungle Elves, Mercs and the Filth!

Posted on 2012-08-30.

Scapemage921 commented:

All great videos! I've got a couple more to watch.

Posted on 2012-08-30.

Roderic_Cliche commented:

Will have to watch these when I get some time. Still waiting feverishly to play! :)

Posted on 2012-08-30.

Cleon commented:

CleonTHPS is me. :). I have some videos of the SW tournaments as well. I think I have one more to put up for SW.

Posted on 2012-08-31.

joepinion commented:

Great video, Cleon. Yeah I figured people could find your other GenCon videos themselves from there. :)

Posted on 2012-08-31.

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