I just came across Team Covenant, a great looking tabletop gaming site that ventured out to GenCon and made some great looking videos while there.

The guys visited the Plaid Hat Games booth and spent some time interviewing Colby, as well as filming a Summoner Wars demo. Couldn't make it out to GenCon this year? Here's a little taste of it. The demo-er, Alex Metz (sp?), did a great job! Seems like the Team Covenant guys loved the game. Check out the videos and see if you can name the 16 factions faster than Colby.

Thanks to the Team Covenant guys for producing and posting these videos.


Shockma Ranyk commented:

Really neat! I named all 16 factions faster than Colby, with less "Uh..."s and I didn't forget the shadow elves. :P

Posted on 2012-08-23.

hextr1p commented:

I saw these videos a couple days ago while looking for third party coverage of PHG at GenCon. I couldn't help but smile at the interviewer talking about 'Summoner Wars' like the game was this recent overnight sensation (though I realize that was in reference to the Team Covenant website). Though what speaks loudly about the game is the fact that the guys were so impressed after the demo that they had to come back for a second interview with Colby to find out more!

Posted on 2012-08-23.

Cleon commented:

Haha, I had to help colby with the SE.

But yeah, Team Covenant is a great group of dudes. I've known them for about two years now. They're all about giving games great support. After they helped me get into MonPoc I talked a lot with them about Summoner Wars. They showed some interest, but once me and some others over at their site started posting about the game and giving it interest, they decided to really consider it. And it seems the demo went really well! I believe it will be one of their main games after they see how amazing it is. :)

I have some videos of GenCon '12 - PHG, TC's demo, and some of the tourneys. I'll be posting them up.

Posted on 2012-08-23.

Adam commented:

Team Covenant helped me get started with Monsterpocalypse after I made the terrible decision of buying two "starter" sets of the game (never has the term starter been more inaccurate), and they introduced me to The Spoils. They do a great job supporting both games, particularly by peeling away that barrier of entry associated with complex, blind buy games. I'm not sure what they can offer for Summoner Wars if they pick it up in their store since it is already cheap and nonrandom, but I look forward to it at least being featured there. The community blog posts have been fun to read.

Posted on 2012-08-23.

Dapuma commented:

Those guys used to play The Spoils TCG at tourny's at GenCon and Pax with me, until they went BK and didn't pay out (The Spoils not them)


I do have an IOU from Tenacious Games though... :)

Posted on 2012-08-23.

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