Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Anointed and Time Mage

Previews from the Filth and the Mercenaries

If you are surprised to see another preview so soon, you must have missed the announcement: we are previewing all the remaining units in the upcoming Reinforcement Packs, since early copies of them will be available at Gen Con.  The poll results are in, and the most-desired unit is the Filth's new Common Unit, the Anointed:

Anointed, Common of the Filth

It is definitely a step up from the original Commons.  The Zealot and Cultist are the weakest Units in the game -- zero-costers with negative abilities -- whereas the Anointed has the positive ability of removing any wounds at the start of each turn.  This regeneration is something that may be easy to forget about, though, so be warned.  

The Anointed also has something new for a Filth Common Unit: a non-zero Summon Cost.  I might as well answer the obvious question this raises: "When Mutating an Anointed, can I subtract the Anointed's cost from the Mutation?"  No.  If you reread the Mutations Rules Card, you will see that subtracting the previous cost only happens "when summoning a new Mutation onto a Unit that already has a Mutation".  This may be sad news, but we can take comfort in having the option of a Common Unit with a bit of real ability, as well as range.  


The second place in the poll was occupied by the Time Mage, something we have been wondering about ever since it was mentioned on Mundol's card.  What can a "Time Mage" do?  It turns out that it can "Blink"!

Time Mage, Common of the Mercenaries

In this case, Blinking refers to its ability to flit about very easily: it can move diagonally as well as orthogonally, and it can move through other cards!  (As always with "through" movement, it must end on an unoccupied space.)  This movement, combined with its range, make the Time Mage one of the best Units available for infiltrating and striking hard-to-reach cards!


Until tomorrow!  (Cast your vote for it here.)