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Introducing Gizmo!

The Faithful Vacuum



Meet Gizmo. No, no, that’s not Gizmo. Look lower.



Yes! This is Gizmo. The other creature is just the ornery housecat who likes free rides. Yes, Gizmo is a loyal little vacuum who loves its job. Every day it roams the house and cleans up any dust bunnies.


Yuck. Look at those horrid little beasts. Gizmo keeps these dusty devils from taking over the house. And that’s where the players, well, come into play. Gizmo needs players to program her movements so that she takes the right paths to clean up the dust bunnies.


Gizmo has five increasingly difficult house scenarios that it needs to be navigated through. But be careful, if you bump into an object with a vase on it, the vase will shatter on the floor and cause more work for your robot buddy. In addition, if Gizmo runs into any solid lines it automatically turns to the left, which will surely throw a kink into all your programming plans.

Once you’ve moved Gizmo around the board and picked up every piece of dirt, you then have to maneuver it back to the docking station before it runs out of battery. If the battery dies before it redocks, the game is lost. Each scenario has a different range of battery life, from seven to eleven bars of energy.

quirk cards

Now for the quirk. Everyone has to play at least one card from their hand during a round. If a player has a yellow backed quirk card, they must place that card before playing any other card from their hand. Gizmo’s quirks consist of two turn left cards and one move forward two spaces card. These quirks are sure to give players one heck of a quirky time!

Gizmo’s scenarios are the recommended starter scenarios and can be found on pages 2 through 11 in the scenario book.

Check back next week when we’ll introduce you to our next robo-buddy – Twirl, the gardener! Make sure to pre-order your copy today.


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