Summoner Wars Card Updates

This page (last updated June 28, 2023) is the current list of Summoner Wars card updates. After initial publication, Plaid Hat Games occasionally will release card updates. The process for those updates are as follows:

  1. First, changes are playtested privately.
  2. Then, those card updates are released TENTATIVELY on the public Summoner Wars Online app.
  3. After some time on the public app, those changes are adjusted further, or finalized.
  4. Once they are finalized, a PDF is made available for the physical game with updated cards.
  5. In future printings, the physical card is then updated.
  6. And finally, in a future product, the updated cards are included (for players who already own the original cards).

Below are final changes that are in print:

  • Sera Eldwyn (Vanguards): 3-strength. (Download pdf here.) Included in all High Elves faction decks.
  • Ice Ram (Polar Dwarves): Only triggers after forcing friendly structures. (Download pdf here.)  Can only force a common or champion unit. Included in all High Elves fation decks.
  • Kuldak (Fungal Dwarves): 12 life, and Blood Bloom modified to only add boost to cards that "were" within 2 spaces of Kuldak at the time of destruction (e.g. cannot boost a new unit via Infect or Fungal Transformation). (Download pdf here.) Included in all Deepwood Groaks faction decks.
  • Queen Maldaria (Phoenix Elves): Momentum ability removed. Call Protection changed not trigger off of boosts, but rather at the end of an attack phase where Maldaria attack an enemy card (not just units). May place any friendly common or champion (not just commons).  Save the Queen ability added: Friendly adjacent units cannot be attacked through or forced. (Download pdf here.) Included in all Deepwood Groaks faction decks.

Below are the in-process card changes and their place in the workflow:

  • None currently.
Kuldak / Maldaria Updates

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