Ashes: The Laws of Lions Deluxe Expansion

Ashes: The Laws of Lions Deluxe Expansion

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The Laws of Lions deck, Featuring new Phoenixborn Odette Diamondcrest, is a full, ready-to-play Ashes expansion deck, including 10 divine dice AND a premium dedkbox to hold sleeved cards, 10 dice and tokens.

Set Contents:

    • 1 Odette Diamondcrest - Phoenixborn
    • 10 divine dice
    • 1 premium deck box
    • 3x Law of Sight
    • 3x Summon Winged Lioness
    • 4x Winged Lioness
    • 3x Law of Assurance
    • 3x Summon Emperor Lion
    • 3x Emperor Lion
    • 3x Sword of Virtue
    • 3x Heal
    • 3x Meteor
    • 3x Power Through
    • 3x Shield Mage
    • 3x Holy Knight

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