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Ashes Reborn: The King of Titans

Base Game required to play
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30-60 minutes

Balance the power of Nature and Divine magic to unleash the titans of the desert on unsuspecting prey with Xander Heartsblood. 

Game Design:  Isaac Vega
Artists:  Fernanda Suarez


  • Xander Heartsblood x 1
  • Earthquake x 3
  • Summon Cerasaurus Mount x 3
  • Summon Archasaurus Mount x 3
  • Law of Domination x 3
  • Sacred Ground x 3
  • Raptor Herder x 3
  • Pain Shaman x 3
  • Summon Shining Hydra x 3
  • Nature’s Wrath x 3
  • Mass Heal x 3
  • Cerasaurus Mount Conjuration x 2
  • Raptor Hatchling Conjuration x 3
  • Shining Hydra Conjuration x 1
  • Archasaurus Mount Conjuration x 1
  • Shining Hydra Head Conjuration x 3

Any similarites between Xander Heartsblood and former PHG staffer Sam Vega are purely coincidental. Just because Sam directed the art for Ashes, doesn't mean he... wait.

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