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Ashes Reborn: The Ghost Guardian

Base Game required to play
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30-60 minutes

Rimea Careworn unleashes powerful Illusion and Sympathy magic to raise ancient warriors from beyond. 

Game Design:  Isaac Vega
Artists:  Fernanda Suarez


  • Rimea Careworn x 1
  • Ancestral Army x 3
  • Hollow x 3
  • Battle Seer x 3
  • Dark Presence x 3
  • Summon Ghostly Mount x 3
  • Summon Ancestor Spirit x 3
  • Resonance x 3
  • Augury x 3
  • Memoralize x 3
  • Shared Sorrow x 3
  • Ancestor Spirit Conjuration x 2
  • Pale Steed Mount Conjuration x 1
  • Nightmare Mount Conjuration x 1
  • Spectral Charger Mount Conjuration x 1

People often ask us how to pronounce the name "Rimea." I'll give you a hint: the proper pronunciation rhymes with "Burt Reynolds."

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