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Super Punch Fighter - The Hogger and the Collector

Meet the last two fighters!


Our last two fighters roll into the ring - The Mad Hogger and Tchotchke the Collector!


Mad Hogger

When you mess with the Mad Hogger you mess with her pigs, too. And believe me, you don’t wanna scrap with those pigs. They aren’t docile farm animals, they’re dedicated professionals who will knock you out!



Now that’s just rude. This attack makes her NEXT attack against you unblockable. Not only that, but she pulls you in close, so you can really hear the nasty things the pig posse has to say about your mother. You’re here to fight, not be bullied! *cries*



Piggy Launch

Catch this! This thrown little piggy will do three damage as it slams into your chest and pushes you back one space. How will you breathe when all that pork is collapsing your lungs? And don’t fall off the board or you’ll be KO’d!




How did this lady start fighting with pigs anyway? What grotesque origin story made her decide this would be her life's pursuit? Now here she comes, diving at you from across the arena like a valkyrie, assuming valkyries wield 100-pound squealing piglets! And that piglet is pure muscle by the way. You're dealt four damage! 



Tchotchke has been waiting for this moment since he was eight-years old and started playing CCGs. He’s got a set of mint condition items ready for every possible occasion. Tchotchke is ready for you. Please don’t break anything though – these things are worth more than a filthy casual like you.



Russian Nesting Dolls

A punch within a punch within a punch! Three dolls pummel your face as Tchotchke tosses these priceless antiques straight at you. Each hit does less and less damage as each doll gets smaller, but the humiliation you suffer only increases!




People laughed at him when he built this weapon from an old broom and valuable first edition books! But the impact does 3 damage, pushes you back 2 spaces, and makes you stagger. Who’s laughing now, huh? Not you, buddy!



Porcelain Figurine

Tchotchke pulls out the cutest figurine you’ve ever seen. You admire its handpainted details, but only notice the burning fuse when it is too late. You and everyone around you takes three damage! The doll may no longer be mint, but neither are you.

You’ve now met all six fighters. Which one will lead you on the path to victory?

You can download the rulebook for Super Punch Fighter here. Super Punch Fighter will be available from retailers and our own webstore this summer, and you can pre-order your own copy now! Stay tuned for the upcoming Plaid Hat Plays – Super Punch Fighter, coming in the next few weeks!


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