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Super Punch Fighter - An Officer and a Mouse

A second set of fighters enter the ring!


Two more fighters roll into the arena to show off some of their powerful moves!


Security Officer Steve

Security Officer Steve is not about to let some undeserving punk run off with the Championship title. He’s worked too hard and too long for this moment, and he’s ready to knock some rookies back to the minor leagues where they belong. Plus, his boss is watching! 



This dude is looking sharp - uniform pressed, shirt tucked in, boots shined up, and just look at those sunglasses… oh for the love of - why are his sunglasses so bright?! You can’t even look at those shiny shields, they’re burning your retinas! Back away! Back away! You’re so disoriented that there’s no way you’ll be able to block his next attack.



You think you got ol' Steve backed into a corner, do you? Think again! He somersaults into your legs, knocking that smirk right off your face and dealing YOU a point of unblockable damage. Never underestimate Security Officer Steve - you’ll regret it.



You’ve been roughed up, you're feeling weak, your health bar is down in the red or yellow. But here’s your good buddy Steve walking towards you… to lend a helping hand, perhaps? No way. Steve has no mercy. He pulls a baton out from behind his back and wails on your already broken body, dealing an unblockable attack of four.

Security Officer Steve likes to attack and attack hard. He’ll never back down. He’ll never give up. Steve has the training, experience and equipment to super punch his way into victory. Please, he needs this bonus!


Khan Queso

Khan Queso only enjoys two things in life – fighting and eating cheese. Sometimes, most times,  she likes to enjoy both at the same time. It is said that she draws supernatural powers from the cheese, that she becomes a maniacally mouse-mutant bent on kicking the bone structure right outta your face!



Distancing yourself from Queso seemed like a good move at the time. You hadn’t realized that you’d walked right into her trap. Now she’s able to use her powers to attack you twice; one that pulls you in close, and the other that lets her snap down on you like, well, like a rat in a trap. She deals seven damage.



This disgustingly cheese flavored drink gives Queso the power to not only draw a card, but to combo her next action card for free! Free! Do you even know what that means? She doesn’t have to pay anything! What a drink!


The Queasy Cheesy

Queso tosses you around like a rag doll, making you feel like YOU were the one who ate a three pound block of cheese before slipping into the ring. Your queasiness makes you stagger around and knock into any adjacent opponents, forcing them to stagger one space as well. It’s like one big dizzy party up in here.

Will Khan Queso’s cheesy moves be gouda enough for you to slice your way into victory? Learn the ways of the rodent. Become one with the mouse and her powers will flow through you like nacho cheese on a tortilla chip.   


You can download the rulebook for Super Punch Fighter here. Super Punch Fighter will be available from retailers and our own web store this summer, and you can pre-order your own copy now! We’ll have plenty of previews before then showing off more of the fighters!


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