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Super Punch Fighter - The Professionals

Our first two fighters enter the ring!

BANNEROur first two fighters have entered the ring! Let’s see what kind of super punches they'll be throwing once you PUNCH those button cards.


Business Lizard

Having just flown into town for some very important meetings, Business Lizard has decided to show these weak humans how a real winner fights. He never writes checks he can’t cash, and buddy, he writes a lot of checks. Here’s a sneak peek at some of his otherworldly moves!

 Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover

Business Lizard doesn’t just have beef with you, he has beef with everyone on the board! This move lets him not only toss you around a bit, but makes every unfortunate soul standing next to your weakened body take damage too.


Dual Distribution

Don’t think you can gang up on this lizard - he’s been in this business for a long time, like three millennia long, and he sees you coming from a mile away. Dual Distribution lets him attack two fighters at once. Nice try, though.


Trading Up

You have a card he wants, and he’s gonna take it from you, no questions asked. This action lets him steal a card from your hand and place it directly into his. But he’s not that cruel – he’ll let you place his card in your discard pile. You should be thankful, really.

Combo these moves with the other four in Business Lizard’s deck and you’ll get one heck of a return on investment. Which happens to be what he calls another one of his fatal moves.


Madame Curium

Shunned by the scientific world for her radical experiments, Madame Curium has set out to prove herself on another stage – arena fighting! She knows she’s smarter than you, you know she’s smarter than you, but can you defeat her anyway? 


Bunsen Burner

Has that Bunsen burner been crafted into a flame thrower? Don’t be silly, of course it has. The Madame is very proud of her homemade weapon that lets her walk menacingly towards an opponent while dealing five crispy points of unblockable damage.


Unstoppable Globber

Awwww, look at the cute little goo-monster she’s created seemingly out of thin air. Not all of her experiments are bad, right? Wrong! While you were busy fawning over the Globber, it was actually pushing you two spaces and right off the board. Don’t let your guard down!


Invigorating Tonic

Just when you think you’ve bested her, she pulls out this card and downs some healing tonic. Not only does she gain four life, but she returns a card from her discard pile back into her hand. And what’s this? She’s also drawing three more cards? What’s happening? Madame Curium is happening, that’s what.

 Madame Curium’s collection of odd experiments may provide the solution you need to become the ultimate Super Punch Fighter!

You can download the rulebook for Super Punch Fighter here. Super Punch Fighter will be available from retailers and our own web store this summer, and you can pre-order your own copy now! We’ll have plenty of previews before then showing off more of the fighters!