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Welcome back Ashes players! Today is the final preview for this cycle, which means we have concluded not only these next two decks, but every dual-dice pairing with sympathy and divine magic! These last additions to James are no slouches, so let’s take a look.

Reaping Angel

Reaping Angel

The final ally of the Grave King, Reaping Angel provides support to the Fallen in two key ways. The Offer ability lets you accelerate adding allies to your discard to fuel Summon Fallen, as well as gain additional Phoenixborn healing based on the Recover value of the discarded ally! This healing can be a perfect compliment for when James uses Convene With Souls to search for more allies, and may also make using the ceremonial dice power less painful. With a deck full of powerful allies like Grave Knight, James is sure to make use of everything divine and ceremonial magic have to offer with this ally and healing-focused ability.

Reaping Angel also helps support the Fallen horde with her Sustain 1 ability. Having a wide board of Fallen can make ping and are of effect damage particularly painful, as each point of damage coming your way is removing units to sacrifice for Vengeance and Chant of Sacrifice. Sustain 1 helps spread that damage onto the Reaping Angel’s healthier 2 life and 3 recover. Adding a life buffing alteration to a Reaping Angel can be a sure way to frustrate opposing nature power dice and other sources of 1 damage!

Law of Repentance

Law Of Repentance

The next law to enter Argaia is the Law of Repentance. As with all laws, this spell lays down a permanent effect for the duration of the round, as well as giving an extra effect the turn it comes down. Law of Repentance rewards fielding allies by proving 2 points of Phoenixborn healing! The round-long effect from this law punishes players who are looking to return dice from their exhausted dice pool, to their active pool from cards like Hidden Power or Victoria’s Illusionary Cycle. The penalty for recurring dice under this decree is 1 damage to their Phoenixborn. We have seen a number of very powerful decks use dice recursion as a primary form of both control and aggressive pressure, so be sure to include Law of Repentance if you want to target such decks.

Reclaim Soul

Reclaim Soul

The final card for this cycle is the action spell Reclaim Soul. This is a quirky ceremonial removal spell that scales with its target’s stats. A unit targeted by Reclaim Soul is forced to deal damage to itself equal to its attack value! For units with high life values and equal or higher attack values, this spell is a potent spot removal. Elephant Riders and Hammer Knights beware! As compensation for Reclaiming a Soul, the owner of the destroyed unit gets a dice refund of whatever the recover value was of the destroyed unit. There are some other fun combos that Reclaim Soul allows such as using it on your own Leech Warrior! The Leech Warrior’s 2/3/3 statline makes sure it doesn’t die from Reclaim Soul, allowing you to get multiple triggers of Shadow Drain’s dice exhaustion ability, while net gaining 1 die from the Leech Warrior’s 3 recover value!

Thanks for reading this series of previews, everyone! The Protector of Argaia and the Grave King expansion decks release soon! Until then, I hope you enjoy coming up with new deck ideas and refining your strategies with these exciting new cards.

 See you on the battlefield,

-Nick Conley

Posted by Nick Conley
Nick Conley is the lead playtester for Ashes and a dedicated fan.
Nick Conley