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December Games!

Gen7: A Crossroads Game and Guardians: Uprising Hero Pack!


Hello, Plaid Hat fans! We’re excited to update you regarding two awesome titles arriving soon in our web store and at local retailers. Let’s take a look two great games hitting stores on December 13th!

3d Gen7 Box

Gen7: A Crossroads Game

Earth is behind you. You won’t live to see humanity’s new home, but it’s up to you to ensure your colony ship reaches its destination. Explore this expansive, narrative driven game that innovates on the critically-acclaimed Crossroads system for Dead of Winter. Gen7: A Crossroads Game will take players to the stars in seven scenarios as they are tasked with ensuring humanity’s survival. Each decision will echo across the remaining episodes as players unravel a tense plot that threatens their mission. After you’ve finished all seven episodes, play again to explore different outcomes or tackle the competitive scenario found in Gen7: Breaking Point! You can still preorder Gen7: A Crossroads Game here. Look for this exhilarating tale of interstellar survival in retailers and our own web store later this month!

Uprising Hero Pack Box

Guardians Hero Pack: Uprising

The fight for the future continues in the first hero pack for Guardians! Four new heroes are added to battle with their own unique abilities and cards. Ryker is a seasoned tactician, weary of war but a fierce combatant nonetheless. Nightshade commands a verdant force of choking vines and tendrils. Chamber is a daredevil ace that races through the clouds to bring the fight to his foes. And Pandora claims to be an emissary sent back in time to prevent a dark future. Each hero includes a full set of cards to be used in combination with the Guardians base game to add even more heroes and options for drafting the ultimate team. Be sure to check this expansion out as it hits retailers and our own web stores this month!

That’s all for now! More games are on the way as we continue to expand our catalogue with exciting new worlds to explore! Be sure to check back often for the latest Plaid Hat news! Thanks for playing!


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