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Holiday Games!

New Releases, Previews and More!

Hello, Plaid Hat fans! We’ve got a great roster of games hitting stores for the holiday season, so join us as we take a look at some of our new releases, as well as what’s in store for the rest of the year!

Neon Gods Cover

Neon Gods: Available now!

Rule the streets and compete for blurp in Neon Gods! Designed by Isaac Vega, Neon Gods is a unique blend of area control and deck building as players draft new members into their gang to fight for control of the city. Build structures, frag the patrolling Andys, and watch out for owls! Neon Gods is available now from our webstore and retailers.

Guardians Cover

Guardians: Available now!

Battle for the future in Guardians, a head-to-head card game of superpowered team-ups and tactical battle! Designed by Callin Flores, Guardians charges players with drafting the ultimate team to overcome their opponent. Pick three heroes and shuffle their corresponding decks together to form your team. Guardians is available now from our web store and retailers.


Xander LeftRimea Right

Ashes: Two new Phoenixborn available now!

The War of Ashes rages on! Two new Phoenixborn join the fight, bringing their different magical abilities with them. Rimea Careworn can perceive the spirit world that lies beyond Argaia, and she pulls from it to challenge her opponents with powerful ancestral guardians. Xander Heartsblood is the primal defender of Vallen, and he uses the savage reptile beasts of the oasis to defend it. Both The Ghost Guardians and The King of Titans are available now from our web store and from retailers.

In addition to these new releases, don’t forget that GEN7 and Comanauts are releasing later next month! Previews will be starting for both games shortly, and you can preorder both from our web store.

That’s all for now! Keep an eye out for these awesome games hitting stores near you! Thanks for playing!


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