Drum roll please...

Prince Elien

The winner is  Joel.



The winner is  Johnathan.



The winner is Brian.



The winner is Jason.


Sera Eldwyn

The winner is Bud.



The winner is Jared.


Abua - Shi

The winner is Pat.



The winner is Libby.



The winner is Alex



The winner is Rafael.


The winner is Tiina.



The winner is Iain.



The winner is Jason.



The winner is Matej



The winner is Stephen.



The winner is Lark


Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who submitted.  There were some really agonizing choices to be made when it came down to selecting winners.  Stay tunned for information on how you can own a set of the winning art in card form.


Classicsmiley commented:

Congrats, guys! This will be an amazing set of cards!

Posted on 2012-08-01.

CupidsArt commented:

Best Day Ever!!! Thanks for the opportunity XD

Posted on 2012-08-01.

esper88 commented:

Card form?! This is exciting. My girl friend is going to love baby Krusk! Kool Aid man Rallul is my favorite.

Posted on 2012-08-01.

Winin commented:

Congrats! Great pictures!

Posted on 2012-08-01.

Obsidian commented:

Lark...that is hilarious...well played.

Posted on 2012-08-01.

joepinion commented:

Wow great job everyone, I love it. Thanks Colby for doing this whole contest.

Posted on 2012-08-01.

BTBAM commented:

Can't believe it!

Posted on 2012-08-01.

Shockma Ranyk commented:

Awesome! When can I buy the pack? :D

Posted on 2012-08-01.

MtS commented:

Great and diverse set! Looking forward playing with it. Just imagining this Krusk or Sunderved on the board is already making me smile :)

Posted on 2012-08-01.

Killer Lawnmower commented:

Congrats to everyone! Great job!

Posted on 2012-08-01.

Jonathan commented:

Grats all!

Posted on 2012-08-01.

mrkurtb commented:

Hey KoolAid Man! That's fantastic.

All are great. Excellent contest.

Posted on 2012-08-01.

Mattr0polis commented:

Dudes, that Tacullu is SICK! This set's gonna rule!

Posted on 2012-08-02.

yagyuninja commented:

Oh man, that Sneeks! These cards are going to be awesome/hilarious.

Posted on 2012-08-02.

Sunderved commented:

I used to hate the Benders. Then I came here.

Posted on 2012-10-02.

Sneeks7177 commented:

When can we get them?

Posted on 2012-11-07.

TheOtherJonas commented:

When will the card set be unavailable? Will it ever be taken off the shop page?

Posted on 2016-10-18.

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