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Guardians Hero Preview: Ronin & Whiplash

The last two heroes arrive!

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Welcome to the final hero preview for Guardians! Thanks so much for joining us as we explore the different heroes and their abilities. Today, we’re looking at the last two heroes in the base game: Ronin and Whiplash.

Ronin Card Line


Let’s start with a hero that’s ideal for handling large groups of enemies. Ronin’s Indomitable ability gives him +2 attack for each enemy at his location. This can add up quickly, capping out at 8 attack in a game. This will likely lead to your opponent not wanting to have too many of their heroes at Ronin’s location, which can work to your advantage. From there, Ronin’s Rapid Strike action card is a great way to attack with Ronin and ready him right away. Combining this with his ability and other effects that improve Ronin’s attack, can make Rapid Strike one of the best action cards in the game. While Ronin tends to focus on offense, Rebuke is a great defensive reaction card that can really disrupt your enemy’s plans by exhausting all of their heroes at a single location. Ronin does the most damage when enemy heroes are at his location, and Lotus Blade serves to do that by essentially issuing a challenge to an enemy hero. Finally, Tide of Steel  is a low-cost ultimate card that lets all readied heroes you control perform an attack! Ronin’s kit is all about being aggressive and challenging your opponent.

Whiplash Card Line 


Whiplash is all about mobility, be it boosting that of her allies or limiting it for opponents. Her Magnetic Grapple exhaust ability lets you pull a hero 1 location towards her. Remember, this can used against enemies or to pull friendly heroes as well! Zipline allows for Whiplash to move to any other location on the fly and deal some damage to an enemy hero. Slingshot can not only displace an enemy, but also powerlock them for a turn. Restraint Webbing serves to immobilize an enemy hero and keep them where you want them. Lastly, Dragnet is a powerful ultimate that moves all enemies to Whiplash’s location and deals 3 damage to each of them.

 Tide of Steel

As you can see, these two heroes have a lot of synergy (Whiplash drags enemies to Ronin, boosting his attack!) and finding synergies like this is the heart of Guardians. Each time you draft a team of heroes in Guardians, you’ll be exploring which combinations work the best and what strategies will deliver your team to victory. We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring all the heroes of Guardians, and we’re very excited for players to finally get their hands on the finished product! At the time of this article, you can still preorder the game. Be sure to grab your copy and start combining heroes - Guardians will be available from our web store and local retailers later this week!


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