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Introducing Shattered Alliances

Two new Samurai Mechs join the battle for the Lotus Galaxy!

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Energy bolts from Tametomo’s astral bow reduced two enemy fighters to twisted scrap, sending them spiralling into the ancient asteroid carved into the shape of a turtle. Inside the mech’s cockpit, the pilot grinned. Without support, Hanzo would be unable to hold the temple, giving Pulsar Clan yet another victory. But when Tametomo took aim and fired at the last remaining fighter, the energy bolts from the bow refracted. Cursing under his breath, Tametomo’s pilot checked the settings on the astral bow before firing again. And again the bolts refracted like they were nothing.

“Not possible!” he hissed, but it was too late. Hanzo and the indestructible fighter were upon him. The temple was lost and the day belonged to Gamma Clan.


Shattered Alliances 3D Box

A Galaxy on Fire

The battle for the Lotus Galaxy continues in Starship Samurai: Shattered Alliances! The first expansion for Starship Samurai includes two all-new samurai mechs and a full deck of 40 action cards! Unleash the power of Hanzo’s signature fighter ship or amass a fortune with Ishida’s infinite wealth. Each mech can be added as a choice when drafting samurai at the start of each game. This expansion includes two beautifully detailed miniatures as well!

Shattered Alliances Samurai Cards

In addition to these powerful samurai mechs, Shattered Alliances also includes 40 new action cards for players to expand their strategies with. These cards can be used alongside the original action card deck to increase the number of options available to players, or in place of the original deck for a new and unique experience! Players can even customize their action deck by adding cards from either set. Additionally, some action cards are now clan-specific, meaning only certain players can use them!

Clan Cards Spread

Political Subterfuge

Certain cards in Shattered Alliances are clan-specific, meaning they can only be used when the clan token shown on the card is on that player’s branch of the Alliance board. This adds a new level of strategy to the Alliance board as players compete not only for honor but also for the powerful action cards of each clan in the lotus galaxy.

Shattered Alliances Miniatures

The Galactic Throne Awaits

Fight for honor, no matter the cost, in Starship Samurai: Shattered Alliances. You can preorder this expansion for Starship Samurai now, and it will be available from retailers and our own web store later this year. Remeber, Starship Samurai is available now!


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