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Hello, Crystal Clans fans! We hope you've enjoyed the previews for FeatherShadowFang and Leaf Clan that wrapped up this month! Those clans should be available by the end of this month, but all four clans are still available to order! With all the excitement we’ve seen for Crystal Clans, it was clear that GenCon would be the perfect time to organize a large Crystal Clans tournament! We’ve gathered the details below for those involved, but feel free to use this as a model for any Crystal Clans event you have planned as well!

Masters of the Battlefield

Each contestant in this Crystal Clans tournament will be required to bring 3 unique clans of their choice to the event. In each round, players will display the 3 reference cards for their chosen clans to their opponent so both players will know exactly which clans they could potentially play against. From there, players will choose 1 hero card from the clan they wish to play with that match, and set it facedown on the battlefield. Finally, both players will reveal their heroes (and subsequently their chosen clan) at the same time. From there play will proceed as normal.  

Players will have 50 minutes to play each round of the tournament. If at the 50 minute mark, any players are still in a game, they will be given 10 more minutes to resolve the game. After the 10 minute mark, if the game still hasn’t been won, the player who scored the most crystals will be declared the winner. If the number of crystals is tied, the player with the highest converted initiative value of scored crystals will be declared the winner.

The winner of the tournament will be awarded an acrylic trophy declaring them the Champion of GenCon 2018. Additionally, each player will be awarded a custom Crystal Clans poster! Each poster is unique and players will have their pick based on their standing in the tournament.


The GenCon Crystal Clans Tournament will be held on Thursday, August 2nd at 3:00 p.m. and you can find details on ticket information here. We’re thrilled to see fans of Crystal Clans come together for this awesome event and can’t wait to see all the unique strategies and tactics players use to bring home that trophy! Good luck, Crystal Clans fans!