Ashes Gen Con

Hello, Ashes Players! We hope you've all been enjoying the recent previews of Harold and Sembali, and don't forget that we've also recently announced two new Phoenixborn, Xander and Rimea! With GenCon just around the corner, it's time to share some details about our Ashes events for the convention and show off some prize support! 

Betrayed by the Goddess

Echo's greatest allies have been turned against him! The Light and Sonic Swordsmen have fallen under Astrea's control and been turned on the Phoenixborn of Hemlock. 

This year at GenCon, we'll be running two separate 32-person tournaments for Ashes constructed play. The first tournament will be on Friday at 3:00 P.M. and the second tournament will be on Saturday at 3:00 P.M. Players will be required to provide their own decks, dice and tokens for play. Each tournament will last for 5 rounds to determine a winner though Swiss pairings. 

Each participant in these tournaments will receive two alt-art promo cards showing off Echo's Sonic Swordsman and Light Swordsman! These cards depict Echo's allies bearing the Mark of the Goddess and turning on Echo himself. 


Additionally, the top 8 players of each tournament will be rewarded with a limited GenCon 2018 playmat depicting Echo under attack from the Sonic and Light Swordsman. This playmat will only be available for these events, so good luck to all participants!

Playmat Gencon 18


The War of Ashes Rages On

In addition to the prizes above, the winner of each tournament will be awarded a plaque trophie to commemorate their victory at GenCon2018. We're so excited to see the different decks and strategies fans bring to these events, and as always we're thrilled to see the awesome community of Ashes come together in the spirit of competition! We look foward to seeing all you Ashes fans in just one month! You can find more details on GenCon events here. Thanks for reading and see you soon!