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Introducing Xander and Rimea!

The next two Phoenoxborn join the fight!

Xander Rimea Banner

Taya tried not to giggle as she filled her sack with the precious treasures that decorated the massive chamber. She turned her eyes to the Phoenixborn who sat on the throne, staring into nothing, drool gathering on her collar. The tip Taya had purchased had been worth every coin. It was true: Rimea Careworn’s mind had long since left this world behind. Now Taya quietly slid countless treasures into her bag, and considered that if she hurried, she would still be able to take the next ship out of Shadowreck before anyone discovered what had happened. But as she lifted a silver statuette from a squat serving table, she felt it grow cold, and a slight rime grew over its surface. She dropped it, then suddenly realized she could see her own breath. Turning, Taya saw she was not alone. The chamber was filled with the dead, all of them armed, and there, among their number, Taya saw herself.

“Your death has been ordained by powers you cannot comprehend,” said the Phoenixborn from her seat, her gaze still vacant. “So much so that your soul already dwells with the dead.

Taya screamed.

Realms Collide

It’s time once again to add two new Phoenixborn to the War of Ashes! The natural and spirit world collide as life itself shapes and influences the Phoenixborn and their abilities.

Plaid Hat Games is pleased to announce two new releases for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn: The King of Titans and The Ghost Guardians! Each release includes an all-new Phoenixborn and ready-to-play deck!


Nature’s Accord

Life has struck a delicate balance in the desert oasis of Vallen, and Xander Heartsblood has sworn to defend that balance to his last breath. Calling upon the power of his lumbering reptilian conjurations, Xander draw upon the natural magic of Vallen to unleash primal fury against his enemies.

Command stoic Shamans, vicious Archasaurs, and Shining Hydras to defend the sacred ground of Xander’s home from other Phoenixborn. And when the time comes, release the power of cataclysmic natural forces to cast out your enemies.


Ancestral Guidance

Rimea Careworn has glimpsed the spirit world, and with it the knowledge of a realm beyond our own. She calls upon the power of her ancestors and leads their spectral forces into battle to avenge Shadowreck.

Relying on sight beyond sight, Rimea influences the battlefield and imbues her allies with the knowledge needed to dispatch their enemies with ease.  When all else fails, Rimea's powerful conjurations can summon an army of Ancestral Spirits to turn the tide of battle.

Ride Them Down

These two exciting Ashes expansions add a wealth of player options, including an all-new conjuration type that allows players to turn allies into powerful mounted warriors. This new tactic will shape many strategies to come in Ashes. The King of Tyrants and the Ghost Guardians will arrive in stores this October. Be sure to check back soon for previews and more Ashes news!

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