Hello there, Jerry Hawthorne designer of Mice & Mystics here with another tile preview for you all. Today we are going to show some more of the tiles included in the game. Starting in the top left and going clockwise, the four tiles we will be previewing today, are the Alchemist Chamber, King’s Chamber, The Pipes, and the Queen’s Chamber.

As mentioned in my last tile preview, Mice & Mystics is played on a modular board that is created using a variety of ten-inch square tiles arranged in various ways to build the layout of the chapter being played. Each chapter has a different arrangement of tiles helping to make each chapter a unique experience. There are 8 tiles in the game, for a total of 16 different castle locations.

I’m going to briefly describe each of these four tiles:

The Alchemist Chamber: Maginos the mystic liked to spend his days in his alchemist chamber pouring over ancient tomes, conducting experiments, or just dozing off at his desk. The mice usually make their way here to look for scrolls, elixirs, or pieces of ancient text that might help them in their mission. Moonlight can be seen streaming in from the large arched window. The flip space is the skull candle holder. Mice use a hole in the floor under the skull candle holder to sneak in and out of the alchemist chamber from the Crystal Tunnels below.

The King’s Chamber: King Andon lives like a soldier in a very modest chamber. In the story Sorrow and Remembrance, the king is very ill and can be found bed ridden in this chamber. The chamber is heavily guarded and the mice need to use stealth to gain entrance. Behind the wood pile is a hole in the wall. This flip space leads to the tunnels below the king’s chamber. The mice can climb onto the king’s bed using the foot locker.

The Pipes: The castle is riddled with a complex maze of pipes and ducts. Often the mice will use these pipes to travel from one part of the castle to the other. The pipes tile is a jumbled up network of twisting pipe segments. Each pipe segment is a space, and the mice will find themselves fighting desperate battles on top of the pipes while trying to traverse this intricate puzzle. Moving along the pipes can be slow going when confronted with ranged attackers so use the dinner fork to fling fellow mice across the treacherous gaps between the pipes. The flip space is a crack in the castle’s interior wall where the pipe leads to the sewers.

The Queen’s Chamber:  Vanestra has taken over the Queen’s Chambers and twisted it into something dark and foreboding.  Vanestra’s eerie clock contraption towers over the room and cob webs drape everything. The ornate vanity where Collin’s mother used to brush her hair is now a nest for Vanestra’s personal guards. The whole room is dimly lit by a sickly green glow that pulses from one of the corners. The flip space is the secret door Vanestra uses to descend to The Forge, an underground workshop once belonging to Nez, but now completely taken over by Vanestra’s minions.

So that is this week’s Mice & Mystics preview. Check back for more previews as we head toward release. As always, we love to hear from you right here in our new comments section. You can also email me at [email protected]