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Introducing Sembali and Harold

Two new Phoenixborn emerge!

HaroldSembaliSoon“The danger of the Phoenix lies not in the threat of war. Someone always survives, no matter how terrible the ravages of a war. No, the danger posed by the Phoenix is the threat against reality itself, for it drives us not just into conflict, but to sculpt and reshape all that we see around us. When the Collection of Ashes concludes, will humans even recognize the world they are left with?”

- Alibrimbor 

Reality Reshaped

Two new Phoenixborn are joining the War of Ashes. These fearsome, otherworldly beings bring brand new abilities, warriors, and spells that are sure to forever alter the fate of Argaia.

Plaid Hat Games is pleased to announce the upcoming releases of the Demons of Darmas and the Spirits of Memoria, two exciting new expansions for the Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn card game!

Harold Fan 1

Protect Your Neck

The Phoenixborn define their own existence, and this is especially true of Harold Westraven, the Phoenixborn of Darmas. The city of Darmas can be found deep within the Ashen Forest. It is shunned by the outside world, for its people tell tales of dark horrors that roam those haunted trees, and of men and monsters held in slavery by the dark powers of the moons.

Harold Westraven has embraced these legends, and for no other reason than it gives him delight, has used his power to make these horrors a reality. The people of Darmas lock their doors well before the sun sets, and cower in their homes as strange noises echo in the streets. Woe to the weary traveller who finds herself caught outdoors, when the howls of wolves sound from the alleyways, and the squeaking of bats erupts from dark cellars.

Sembali Fan 1


The mausoleum-city of Memoria is home to the Gatekeepers, a peaceful death cult led by the Phoenixborn, Sembali Grimtongue Worshippers bring the corpses of their loved ones to the city’s many temples, so that the priestesses of the cult can guide the souls of the departed to their loved ones in the world beyond.

The rituals of the Gatekeepers are celebratory, but Sembali’s mind has grown dark, troubled by the whispers of those whose souls she guides. The dead speak of great calamities to come, and so Sembali has turned to illusion magic to ease her worries. But one must take care to not play overlong with illusions, lest one become addicted to one’s own little lies…


A Wealth of New Options

Both expansions provide two exciting new Phoenixborn to challenge your opponents, and each brings all-new cards to enrich and enlarge your deckbuilding options. The Demons of Darmas and the Spirits of Memoria will hit store shelves this August. You can also preorder these new packs from your local retailer, or here on the Plaid Hat Games website!