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Crystal Clans Scenario #2

Can you stop Sinlore's Return?


Hello Crystal Clans Fans! It's time for even more awesome Crystal Clans content! Last week we announced an awesome Crystal Clans Battlefield Playmat that will be available on our web store shortly. We also shared the Crystal Clans Unit Browser and the "Blind to the Present" Scenario, wich saw the Meteor and Water Clans battle for control of the mysterious crystal known as the Time's Window. This week, we've got a quick update for the Crystal Clans Unit Browser, adding descritptions to the Stone Clan units. We've also got another scenario for players to download and try out! Check out Sinlore's Return!

An Ancient Foe

Sinlore the Conqueror was a plague on rival clans in ancient times, but even the Skull Clan must answer to the grave. Now, a mysterious prophet known as the Robed Figure claims to have gathered the components for an ancient ritual to return Sinlore and his vanquished army to power. Can the Flower Clan gather their strongest fghters and use power of the Crystals to stop Sinlore’s return? Donwload Sinlore's Return and battle the ancient hero!

You can download Sinlore's Return here. 

Sinlore the Ancient

That's all for now! we're overjoyed with the feedback we've recevied on Crystal Clans! It's awesome to see fans playing and enjoying the base game and asking for more clans (Don't worry, they're coming!) We'll have even more content next week, including the third scenario for the base game!