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Playmat, Card Browser and Scenario #1!

We've got a few surprises for Crystal Clans!


Hello Crystal Clan fans! Our new card game of tactical battles has been out in the wild since last week and we're overjoyed to see the awesome response it's gotten. To show our appreciation, we have a few announcements for you all to ramp up your battle for the crystals even more!

The Battlefield Calls

Play in style with this massive, 26” by 26” natural rubber Crystal Clans Battlefield Playmat. Enjoy a clean, classy play surface with plenty of space for all your cards and protection from spills or stains on the table. The Crystal Clans Battlefield Playmat is the ideal surface for your games. This playmat features the stunning Crystal Clans battlefield art from illustrator Martin Abel, which first appeared in the Crystal Clans base set. The Crystal Clans Battlefield Playmat will be available via our web store shortly for $24.99.

Mat Moch

Know Your Enemy

Explore the strategies and units of each Clan with the all-new Crystal Clans Unit Browser! This new tool allows players to survey each Clan and their units with ease! As of now all cards in the base game are uploaded to the browser, and you'll also notice that each unit in the Meteor Clan also has a new unit entry to give players a look into the lore of each unit in the Clan! We'll continue to update the other Clans as time goes on, so be sure to check back for more unit entries! 

Unit Browser Screen Shot

Click here to visit the Crystal Clan Unit Browser!

Blind to the Present

Finally, we're excited to share with you the first in a series of Crystal Clan Scenario games! These unique Crystal Clan experiences often include special setup and gameplay rules, and even variable win conditions! In "Blind to the Present" The Meteor Clan seeks out an ancient and powerful crystal known as the Time's Window. In their overconfidence to capture the crystal, the Water Clan strikes and captures three Meteor Heroes! Check out this dynamic scenario written by Jeffrey Berman, the lead playtester of Crystal Clans!

Download "Blind to the Present" Here!

That's all for now! We've got even more Crystal Clans goodness on the way, including more scenarios and new Clans! Be sure to check back soon for even more Crystal Clans content!