The reviews for Stuffed Fables have started comign in.  Check out one of our favorites from Nerds on Earth here:


An exerpt from the reveiw:

Stuffed Fables is a game designed for parents to play with their children. Even before we ripped the shrink off the box, my daughters were wide-eyed, gazing at the pictures on the box. Both rushed off to grab a stuffed animal to set beside them as they played for the first time.

As I read through the opening to the story, I read the lines about the daddy taking the crib apart and it took everything I had not to tear up as I remembered putting together “big girl beds” for my girls just a few years ago.

Then my girls audibly gasped when I read the line about the “Nightmare King”, which was seconds after they squeed when the “stuffies” came to life. The girls were fully and hopelessly engrossed in this game. And their dad was too.

I don’t know Jerry Hawthorne, but I know for darned certain that he is a parent, as every word, miniature, and piece of cardboard from Stuffed Fables is like a love letter from a parent to a child.