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Ashes Organized Play Kit Pre-order!

The Next Ashes Organized Play Kit is available for Pre-Order! Plus a free download!

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Hello, Ashes Players! We hope you all had an awesome holiday season and a great new year! We were very excited to see plenty of players picking up the newest Ashes Decks. The Goddess of Ishra and the Boy among Wolves! Not to mention the Masters of Gravity and the Path of Assassins decks as well! 

Back in November, we gave fans a preview of the next Ashes Organized Play Kit (click here to see everything that will be included!) Today, we’d like to give retailers and players some more details on how they can order this kit to run events at their local store. 

The kits are being assembled now, and will be shipping out to retailers in February! Each kit includes enough prize support for up to four separate 8-person events! U.S. retailers can contact Alliance Game Distributors to pre-order kits. For international retailers, contact your local distributor that offers Ashes and other Plaid Hat products. Please make sure to get in touch now and pre-order by February 13th!

If there are any issues in making your pre-order through the contacts above please let us know by contacting [email protected].

If you are a fan and would like to get a event started in your area please make sure to share the information above with your local game store.

For those of you that may not have a retailer that can host an organized play event we are working on making a version of the kit that we can provide to individuals that would like to host events at other locations. More information on that version of the kit will be available in about a month or so and we will be taking pre-orders for those around that time as well. Stay tuned to for more details on this soon.  

That’s all for now! Be sure to check back soon for more Ashes news and content! As a thank you to our fans and retailers, we’ve also decided to release the files below of exclusive Ashes posters that were commissioned for Ashes Weekend! Feel free to download and print them for use in stores and events or just for fun!


Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

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