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Ashes Organized Play Kit 2

Check out hat's coming to Ashes Organized Play!

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Welcome, Ashes players! We hope you're all enjoying the newest series of previews of Koji and Astrea! We've got plenty more of both decks to explore in our upcoming previews, but today we'd like to show off something else on the horizon for Ashes! Fans ran a variety of events for Ashes with the first Organized Play kit in 2016, and we're very excited to announce our second Ashes Organized Play kit! Like the first kit, these will be made available to stores for promoting Ashes play and tournaments! Let's take a look at all the content squeezed into this new kit!



  • 5 Translucent Ceremonial Dice

  • 5 Translucent Illusion Dice

  • 5 Translucent Charm Dice

  • 5 Translucent Nature Dice

  • 8 Copies of Hammer Knight (Blue)

  • 8 Copies of Hammer Knight (Green) 

  • 32 Copies of Gilder Conjuration

  • 32 Copies of Enchanted Violinist

  • 2 Copies of Alternate Art Victoria Glassfire

  • 2 Copies of Alternate Art Leo Sunshadow

  • 2 Copies of Alternate Art Odette Diamondcrest

  • 2 Copies of Alternate Art Namine Hymntide

Wow, that's a ton of prizes! Each Organized Play kit has enough content to support up to four 8-person events. Retailers and players will be able to run events and grow awesome competitive Ashes groups supported by these prizes!

We've shown off a few of these prizes in previous articles, but let's take a closer look at these Phoenixborn!

 Leo Alt ArtVicky Alt Art

Odette Alt ArtNamine Alt Art

These are just a few of the cards available in the upcoming Organized Play kit! Retailers, Organized Play kits we be made available very soon! Players, be sure to let your local stores know that you'd like to participate in Ashes Organized Play! Be sure to check in next week for even more previews of Koji and Astrea, available soon!