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Stuffed Fables: Introducing Lumpy

Stalwart Defender, Lovable Tank

Stuffed Fables

“What’s that noise?” Flops wondered aloud.

"Oh no, a noise!” squealed Lumpy, sitting up. Half his face was squished funny from lying on it all day.

“I don’t hear a thing,” said Stitch. “What are those bunny ears of yours picking up, Flops?”

“Aw, it’s probably nothing,” said Flops, waving off any concern. “It sounds like some water running is all.”

“That’s not good!” said Theadora, gently wriggling her way out of the little girl’s arms. “Look at her diaper!”

“Good heavens!” Stitch exclaimed with a jump. “What have we got here? Fancy new undies and no diaper?”

“The diaper!” Lumpy hissed. “It’s been stolen!”

“No, no my good elephant,” Stitch corrected. “I daresay we’re witnessing the first night of potty training.”

“It’s true!” Theadora said. “Tonight is the big night, but the sound of running water could ruin everything!”

“I witnessed a bed-wetting once,” Stitch said softly, his voice distant. “I was the lucky one that night. But my friends Chimpy and Jelly, well...” and Stitch placed a hand over his heart. “Some gave all,” he whispered.

“I’m too young and pretty to get wet,” Lumpy insisted. “I was already the victim in the Great Upchucking of last summer – I can’t face that kind of action again!”

Hello and welcome to this week’s preview for Stuffed Fables! Today we get to know the curious and childlike elephant Lumpy.

Introducing Lumpy

Being the little girl’s confidant, Lumpy is an excellent listener. Lumpy believes that when we speak about our fears, they lose their power. Whenever the stuffies’ little girl needs to share a secret, she whispers them into Lumpy’s large elephant ears. This responsibility might burden others, but an elephant never forgets how important his role is.


Each stuffy hero in Stuffed Fables represents a different expression of their little girl’s personality. Lumpy represents the little girl’s innocence and caution. Inquisitive but careful, he is always willing to listen to the lost and broken toys the heroes meet on their adventures. But Lumpy is also sensitive to the perils of the nightmare realm, often voicing the concerns the rest of the stuffies are feeling. By calming Lumpy, his friends also overcome their own fears.

Stalwart Defender, Lovable Tank

Lumpy card

Lumpy doesn’t like seeing his friends get hurt, and his ability to endure the many dangers of their adventures means that he is there for his friends when needed. In Stuffed Fables, different colored dice represent various character attributes, with blue dice representing resistance and fortitude. When Lumpy rolls blue dice, he can re-roll them, but must keep the new result.

Each stuffy also has 3 earned abilities. Earned abilities require hearts to activate. Hearts are gained by performing good deeds during your adventures.

Lumpy’s earned abilities are:

  • Protect: Use this ability to lessen the severity of a potentially catastrophic blow received by another Stuffy.
  • Reinforced Stitching: Use this ability while being a tank with Lumpy to cap the most severely damaging attacks received to just 2 stuffing lost.
  • Defensive Strike: Lumpy can hit back pretty hard by using his blue dice to increase his attack. Coupled with his ability to re-roll blue dice, he can hit pretty hard!

Lumpy expresses his fears openly, but his stalwart and caring nature means that you will find him on the front lines when the nightmare minions arrive to try and knock the stuffing out of our heroes. 

Stand firm with Lumpy against the darkness, when Stuffed Fables arrives later this year!

Lumpy illustration

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