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Stuffed Fables: Introducing Flops

Agile Hero, Formidable Marksman

Stuffed Fables

“What about that over there?” asked Flops, pointing to an old red wagon that protruded from the mound. “That might get us downhill quicker. It might break our necks too, but it sure looks like a lot of fun!”

Welcome to this week’s preview for Stuffed Fables! This week we will get to know the feisty and boisterous bunny called Flops.

Introducing Flops

Each stuffy hero in Stuffed Fables represents a different expression of their little girl’s personality, and Flops is no different. Quick with a joke or an ironic observation, Flops represents the little girl’s playful wit. She can always count on flops to lift her mood or when she’s feeling silly, a quick toss of the bunny’s long flouncy ears is all she needs to be sent into a fit of giggles.

Flops Spread

This agile nature of Flops’ wit comes in handy throughout the story when interacting with the desperate denizens of the dream world. When facing down certain doom, Flops leaps toward danger with an amount of levity that represents the bunny’s playful nature.

Agile Hero, Formidable Marksman

Flops Card

In Stuffed Fables, different colored dice represent various character attributes, with green dice representing agility and marksmanship. Throughout their adventures, Flops stands out among the other stuffy heroes in situations where agility is needed. This is represented by Flops’ ability to re-roll green dice after a skill check. However, the bunny’s luck doesn’t extend indefinitely as the new result must be kept.

Flops’ earned abilities are:

  • Dodge: Use this ability in conjunction with a green die on defense to make Flops almost impossible to hit.
  • Leap: Flops can quickly get to hard to reach spaces using her incredible leaping skill.
  • Perfect Agility: Use this to allow Flops to automatically pass an agility skill test. You don't even need to use dice!

With a combination of sassy humor and quick reflexes, Flops is a fun and formidable stuffy hero for players who love to play nimble archers… Or those that like cute little bunnies.

Leap into the fray with Flops when Stuffed Fables hits your local store later this year!

Thrill Ride

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