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Ashes Preview: Symphony of Storms

Squall Stallion, River Skald and Crescendo!

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"My steed, born from thunder."

It’s time for our final Deluxe Expansion preview for “The Laws of Lions” and “The Song of Soaksend”! Remember to check out all of Odette and Namine’s earlier previews here.  For today’s preview, we’ll be taking a close look at Namine’s last three cards, which include a synergistic Summon spell, a sturdy Ally and a daunting Reaction spell!

Summon Squall StallionSquall Stallion 

Squall Stallion

Let’s start things off with the Squall Stallion. For two dice, players get a unit with an attack value of 1,  a life value of 3, AND they get to draw a card. The Opportunist 2 ability boost the Squall Stallion’s  attack for some serious damage if  one or more cards is drawn during a player’s turn. For such a cheap cost, this can  fill the role as a deck’s workhorse unit (no pun intended), filling the battlefield with capable blockers and swinging in for heavy damage when the opportunity presents itself.

 River Skald

River Skald

River Skald excels at unit removal. His Harsh Melody ability  can destroy enemy units with ease, and when  combined with cards like Squall Stallion or the Sympathy Magic Dice Power Ability,  players will have plenty of triggers to fire off  to shift the game in their favor! And remember, Harsh Melody can get even harsher! It deals damage equal to the River Skald’s attack value, meaning that  cards like Frozen Crown or other attack-buffing abilities will give River Skald the power to take out almost any unit in the game! All without having to worry about pesky guarding or countering to boot!




This reaction spell is perfect for pulling out a bit more damage to overcome enemy units. Crescendo can combo with smaller units like Three-Eyed Owls or Gilders, giving them the power to destroy tougher units.  It can also be used to clear the path to an opponent’s Phoenixborn, allowing for players  to launch direct attacks with units like the aforementioned Squall Stallion (be sure to make use of its Opportunist 2). Crescendo is sure to be a spell that surprises even the most guarded opponents.


And with that, our Namine previews come to a close! Both decks include a roster of amazing cards that leave us excited to see what strategies and combinations Ashes players come up with. Their creativeness and cleverness never ceases to amaze us! “The Laws of Lions” and “The Songs of Soaksend”  will be available at retailers and on our web store  soon, so be sure to check back often! Ashes content doesn’t stop here, though! We’ll be back next week with a closer look at the Deluxe Expansion Deck Box and some fun content regarding a certain previously rereleased Phoenixborn! We’ll also have more news on the War Within event series as it continues to spread! Check here for participating stores you can play at! 'Til next time!