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"Lift Your spirits and live for another day."

Welcome to another Ashes preview! This week, we continue exploring cards from the upcoming Deluxe Expansions, “The Laws of Lions” and “The Song of Soaksend.” Earlier this week we looked at three more of Odette’s cards, including a new Summon Spell and her second and final Law card. Today, we’ll be looking at Namine’s first Summon Spell, a powerful Ally and a flexible Ready Spell. We’re starting to see some really impressive cards in both decks, but the best is yet to come! Let’s dive right in and check out more of Namine’s cards!

Summon Salamander MonkSalamander Monk

Salamander Monk

At first, the Salamander Monk might seem like an unassuming unit.  With a cost of only a  single die  and an attack value of 1 and a life value of 1, it doesn’t have much of a punch, but the Spirit Form ability is where this unit really gets interesting. Let’s take a look at the Salamander Monk Spirit conjuration!

 Salamander Monk Spirit

The Salamander Monk Spirit comes into play when a Salamander Monk is destroyed, meaning that unit is doing double duty! The Transparent ability prevents enemy players from picking off Salamander Monk Spirits with other small units. This unit is a great combination piece with cards like Blood Chains and other abilities that rely on your own units being destroyed.

Flute Mage

Flute Mage

Flute Mage is a great support unit capable of opening up plenty of options for players. The Enliven ability lets this ally set up powerful attacks from heavy units like the Hammer Knight or Frostback Bear. With an attack value of 1, life value of 2 and recover value of 1, the Flute Mage has a moderate amount of durability, allowing it to stay around long enough to help other heavy hitting units. With such a low attack value, it’s also a perfect target for the Ceremonial Power Ability.

Magic Syphon

Magic Syphon

This ready spell is in many ways akin to other cards like Shifting Mist that allow players to manipulate their active pools to fix dice. What makes Magic Syphon stand out is the ability to hit an opponent’s active pool and turn one of their dice to a basic face, forcing an opponent to meditate  to get their die back to a power or class. Magic Syphon is also great at maneuvering around enemy reaction spells.


Well, that’s all for this week! We’ve got one more round of previews for these deluxe expansions and then we’ll be taking a closer look at the Deluxe Deck Box as well as some other great Ashes content coming very soon! Be sure to check in next week for more Ashes previews! Thanks!