So here is the skinny:  I am going to have 1,000 copies printed of a 16 card set.  This set will include 1 copy of each Summoner card that has been released to date.  But instead of the original artwork found in the game, each card will feature artwork created by a fan.  "Colby", you ask "how do I get my artwork on one of these cards?"  Well friend, that is a timely question.  Thank you for asking.  You may make up to 16 submissions to this contest (1 for each Summoner that has been released so far).  To make a submission send your illustration of Prince Elien, Grognack, Sneeks, Oldin, Sera Eldwyn, Ret-Talus, Abua Shi, Vlox, Sunderved, Muglugg, Krusk, Tacullu, Tundle, Selundar, Rallul, or the Demagogue  to [email protected].

Bring your own style to the illustration.  Re-imagine your favorite summoner.  Points will be rewarded for creativity.  Make me laugh, amaze me, make me weep as your picture tells me a thousand word story of Prince Elien’s internal struggles.  What would a sci-fi version of Grognack look like?  What if Oldin wore a nice pair of khakis and a polo shirt?  Show us your envisioning of our summoners!

The 16 winners of this contest will receive a free copy of this limited print run set which will be available only in our online store and $100 in store credit.  (I don’t have a price yet, but it won’t be much, just something to cover our costs and time.  We mostly just want to offer this as a fan service.  I’m thinking something like 5 bucks.) We will show artwork submissions in our news feed from time to time as we update you on the progress of the contest.  Your submissions must be entered by July 30th.  The winners will be announced on July 31st.  The winners will be determined by yours truly, but feel free to comment on which you like best when we show you submissions.  Sway me!

By submitting artwork to this contest you are granting Plaid Hat Games full copyrights to the submitted artwork.

And now ladies and gentlemen, see if you can top this masterpiece that I have illustrated in an effort to get your creative juices flowing.