“Now is the time of the Collection of Ashes, when Phoenixborn must battle Phoenixborn until only one remains to inherit a newborn world.”

War Within Banner

We are happy to announce that retailers are now able to sign up to host the War Within event series! Qualifying retailers will receive all materials necessary to host three separate events for the War Within. The three events are listed below. These are suggested dates, but stores are only required to complete all events by July 3rd.

  • Mercy vs. Malice: April 15th-May 10th 
  • Devotion vs Vanity: May 11th-June 15th
  • Protection vs Conquest: June 6th-July 3rd

The event series will follow the standard structure for Ashes Organized Play, and each kit provides materials for up to 12 players to participate in every event. Players will choose between Light and Darkness for each event, and this will determine which Ally they receive and which side is awarded points for that player. Remember, the winner of each event will also score additional points for the side they chose! Event organizers will then tally up and turn over these results to determine the fate of an upcoming Phoenixborn.

Retailers interested in participating can find more information at bit.ly/asheswwsignup. Remember, retailers must sign up by March 31st.

Additionally, each kit will also include alternate-art copies Noah Redmoon Phoenixborn cards! Be sure to contact your local retailer participating in the War Within event series for more information on how to obtain these exclusive promos!

Noah Alt Art