Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Updates on the Horizon for Ashes!

We've got some exiting new updates for Ashes Rules and the Base Game!

Good morning, Ashes Fans!

I hope you're all still excited from the new announcement last week. We've got quite a few decks in the works! Not to mention the War Within event series, which we'll have even more information on soon. Until then, we wanted to give our fans a heads up on some exciting changes that are going to be coming to Ashes very soon. Check it out below!

Ashes Rules Update 

First off, we'd like to let the fans of Ashes know that we're doing our very best to hear any concerns or questions you have with the game as a whole, and we appreciate all the wonderful feedback we've received on Ashes up to this point. There are certain rules that we feel have gotten away from the intention of a handful of cards, due in part to the current damage resolution model. One of the most important aspects of a competitive game like this is to insure that all players can interpret the rules clearly to avoid any sort of discrepancy. To that end, Isaac Vega has been working very closely with a group of Ashes playtesters and competitive players for several months now to revamp several aspects of the rules, including the damage resolution process as well as the resolution of simultaneous game effects. The result has been a short reworking of certain rules in the game to not only make things more clear, but to also make the game more accessible to new players. Isaac's biggest concern in this project has been improving the game while ensuring that existing cards would be compatible with this update and the intent of previous cards would be preserved. I'm happy to announce that this new rule update is in its final stages of testing, and our hope is to make it available for players before the War Within event series. Be sure to check back here soon for another article debuting this rule update when it is complete!


Regarding Recent Rumors of the Base Game

Speaking of updates, we've got a few products that will be seeing updated versions! Starting with the next print run of the Ashes base game, a few cards will have updated versions included to clean up certain card text language, correct typos or spelling errors and include the errata version of the Enchanted Violinist ally card. The reason we'd like to address this is to assure our fans that this is not a new version of the base game, or an updated edition. This is simply an effort to improve our previous product with each print run, as is the standard in our industry. Again, to clarify, these changes are very minor. There is no need to purchase a new base game if you already own a copy, as all of your cards will be compatible and tournament legal. We’d like to specifically address a recent leak from New York Toy Fair that listed this new printing of the base game as a “Revised Copy.” The revisions in question are only to improve spelling and typo errors, as well as the Enchanted Violinist. Participants in Ashes Organized Play tournaments are expected to know the most updated version of their cards, as well as all changes or errata from the official FAQ. For those of you that already have the base game, you are not obligated to purchase an updated version from a subsequent print run. 

Two New Expansions

To continue our streak of new expansions being announced, we’ve got two more for you today! Be warned, though! It will be a bit longer before any more are announced! Introducing Astrea and Koji!


The Goddess of Ishra

We lay down our worldly thirsts in pursuit of her enlightenment. We lay down our imperfect bodies to be reborn at her side. All praise be unto the Goddess of Ishra. Her enemies will kneel before her glory. We will peel back their veils. We will end their cycle of pain. All praise be unto Astrea.




The Boy Among Wolves

Wild is the son the Spiral Jungle. Untrained, undisciplined, and ill-prepared for the trials that await him. Nevertheless, Koji Wolfcub walks boldly forward. His every step splits the earth beneath his feet. Out of the fissures grow the jungle’s verdant flora. Groping vines tear down the the gaudy edifices of man. Wild animals heed the boy’s call. The jungle rises up and joins the boy in his fight to restore the world.




Well, that's all for now! Our hope is that we can continue to provide consistent Ashes content for the weeks to come. We've been hard at work on Ashes, and with upcoming decks and the War Within, there's plenty to discuss! Be sure to check back often for more Ashes news and updates!