As promised, I spent this weekend adding a commenting function to You are now welcome to add a comment to news stories. There are still some bugs to work out (I've already noticed it throws an error trying to redirect the page when you try to edit a previously posted comment) but it works enough for tonight.

This is especially exciting for those of us who came over from The Blagog Blog, as the comment system there has been one of the most fun and positive parts of that blog, and it was important for us to get that feature going here. is not designed to be a typical publisher's site, with just announcements and game information. We want it to be a living, breathing community! It's always been that way over at the forums, and now our news section will be that way too.

The comment system is integrated into our forums, so if you're already registered and logged in, you can add comments right away. If not, head over and register for our forums to start interacting. We've got a great community here, and Colby, Bistro, Jerry, James, et al participate as well.

Keep it clean on the news comments, kids are reading this stuff.

Best comment on this story gets the Phoenix Elves on the iOS Summoner Wars app for FREE.