Click Here to Acess the New Plaid Hat Podcast Feed! 

Happy New Year, Dougs! As you may have noticed, the beloved Plaid Hat Podcast has been on a brief hiatus over the last few weeks. Fear not, loyal fans! The Plaid Hat Podcast is not gone for good! Starting in the New Year, we’re going to be implementing a few changes to the show.  We hope these minor tweaks will lead to a program that’s even more fun to listen to, for old and new fans alike! The changes are listed in detail below:

  • New Feed, New Episode Numbers! That’s right, folks! We’re starting a brand new feed for our podcast in the New Year. You can find a link to the new feed here. The new RSS feed address can be found there as well. For the time being, we’ll continue to post reminders in the old feed letting everyone know where to head to, but eventually this old feed will be shed in lieu of the new one. The Podcast Page of our website will also be updated to show the new feed as well. Rest assured, this is not without purpose! It ties directly with change number 2!

  • New Content! Our very new podcast feed will also be focusing on content that is a bit different from how the show has functioned in the past. The Plaid Hat Podcast will now primarily focus on actual gameplay of story-based and role playing games, as well as featurettes on upcoming Plaid Hat Games products and other studio news. The new Plaid Hat Podcast will not only give you unprecedented access to the new and exciting games we’re creating, but also a look at the games we love to play in our own free time!

To kick things off, we'vre recorded an episode of the popular Horror RPG, "Dread," which uses a Jenga Tower to simulate how difficult it is for players to acomplist things. The harder it is, the more pulls you make, and if the tower falls your character dies! Alex ran a game of Dread for Callin, Colby, Isaac, Rachel, Dave and Sam where the players were all High School students at a cabin retreat when things start to go wrong... Check out Part 1 of "Winter Break" now!

We cannot express enough how lucky we are to all of our fans for sticking with the Plaid Hat Podcast for over 200 episodes! We hope that you’ll continue to listen for another 200! Thanks!