UPDATE: Due to the large response, the applications for the co-op card game and Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies are now closed. Thanks to those who applied. We have more co-op games coming up soon, please keep your eye out! Ashes is still accepting applications.

Hello fellow Plaid Hatters! I am Joe Ellis and I direct our playtesting efforts at Plaid Hat Games.

For the next couple of days, we have 3 playtest applications open at PlaidHatGames.com! If you're not yet a Plaid Hat Corps member, you need to apply for the Corps first, and then apply to playtest once you're an accepted Corps member. Be sure to apply before the end of the weekend!

Plaid Hat Games playtesters are volunteers. Although there is opportunity to earn a little PlaidHatGames.com store credit by playtesting, the hours and resources playtesters pour into our games are not really compensated materially. We are so grateful for fans of our games who are passionate enough to help make them the best they can be!

Even though you won't get cash money for playtesting, here are some great reasons to playtest:

Getting Involved: If you're interested in the game industry besides just playing games (working for a board game company, designing, etc), the first step is to get involved with the companies you love. It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll work for Plaid Hat Games, but you'll learn a lot and you'll start to make connections with people who develop games.

Learning About Game Design: Playtesting is not game design, but they do have some things in common: They both involve cutting out a bunch of paper, playing the same game over and over again and wondering what the heck is wrong with it. That sounds kind of sarcastic but I'm very serious - giving playtesting a shot is a good try for whether you might be cut out for the hard labor of game design! You'll also get an up-close look at how Plaid Hat Games ensures that we have enough playtests to make sound design decisions and solid rulebooks.

Making the Best Possible Game: The final reason to consider playtesting is that you care about Plaid Hat Games making great games and you want to make sure we never screw that up. I started playtesting Summoner Wars a long time ago simply because I couldn't stand the thought of those decks not being just perfect, and I knew my feedback was one more resource to help make sure they were the best!

At the moment, new (or new to us) playtesters will only be accepted into one project each. You may be that rare person that can handle several at once, but that person is very rare and we'd rather help playtesters successful with one project first before taking on such a big load. If you apply to more than one, we'll likely just slot you in where we need the most help.

Here is a rundown of current opportunities:


Ashes has been continually playtested for a while now, and we are still working on future expansions! If you are a fan of the game, are a good player and are enjoy practicing with a deck many times, you might love playtesting Ashes! We have a large team and are always looking to add to it.

Click here for more information on playtesting Ashes and to apply.

Dead of Winter Warring Colonies

We have released two Dead of Winter base sets - the original and The Long Night standalone expansion. Soon there'll be one more great reason to own them both: the team-based Warring Colonies expansion! This will be a 6-10 player small box expansion that makes use of the two base sets. If you already own both Dead of Winter base sets and can get a 6-10 player group together to playtest, you might be right fit to playtest Warring Colonies!

This game is now closed to new applications.

Cooperative Card Game

Lastly, we have a project that we cannot reveal the name of. But all you need to know about whether you might be a good fit to playtest this game is that it is a cooperative card game with both a bit of puzzliness and a bit of story. It is for 2-4 players and takes about an hour to play.

This game is now closed to new applications.