Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

The 2016 Plaid Hat Games Gen Con Experience

Oh the people! And the games!

Another Gen Con comes to an end and Plaid Hat Games is back home and working on more games!

New Ashes expansions, Summoner Wars expansions, and SeaFall were sold just ahead of wider release. Dead of Winter: The Long Night was on sale as well, and its street date is August 26. Ashes tournaments and cosplay contests were a blast.

The booth was easy to find this year... thanks to this giant thing hanging from the ceiling!

SeaFall sold out instantaneously. Sorry to those who didn't get it there - we wish we could've brought more! But it is still available to pre-order on the store, and those pre-orders come with a free metal coin upgrade, which Gen Con purchasers had to pay extra for!

Those who couldn't get the game at the con could still demo the prologue, and Rob was there both demoing for some and interviewing for others!

Emerson was at the booth showing off the upcoming Specter Ops companion app. So exciting!

Dead of Winter: The Long Night, the first stand-alone expansion to Dead of Winter, was being sold at the booth as well. And it was being played all over the place!

We also had a teaser for the next expansion at the booth... Warring Colonies!

That's not it for Dead of Winter... check out the upcoming Flick 'Em Up Dead of Winter from Pretzel Games, co-designed by Isaac Vega!

We ran a bunch of Ashes tournaments. This is where I was most of the week and was amazed by the friendly and excited gamers who kept coming back tournament after tournament to play more Ashes!

Look for a more full tournament wrap-up later this week. The top 8 players of our constructed tournaments faced off in the finals at our booth on Saturday, and the Phoenixborn played by the top 8 included Leo, Aradel, Brennen, Orrick, and Coal. Matt Bauer's Leo took the top prize of the constructed tournament!

We also had plenty of Ashes cosplayers... Those who stopped by the booth are automatically in our Ashes cosplay contest... winner announced soon!

Photo Credit: Douglas Morse

We owe much of the weekto our amazing volunteers! Here is just a selection of them at the end of tear-down on Sunday. There were many more and we miss you all already!