Human life is a cruel struggle, filled with longing and disappointment. We scratch and claw just to get by, and in the end everything we achieve is lost in death.

As the generations parade by, happiness eludes us. We strive after money, thrills, and romance, and in that moment when we have it all, all we feel is emptiness and discontent.

Summoner Wars for iOSI’ve had power. I’ve had fame. I’ve had wealth. And I’ve got grave news for you, friend. All they bring you is heartbreak. No, in this world, for true happiness, we must throw off the heavy yoke of riches and relationships to seek lasting contentment in the one place it can be found: Summoner Wars for iOS.

I’m kidding, I guess. Although there have been many moments the past few weeks in which I thought to myself, “When I get Summoner Wars on my iPod and can play 10 games per day, I will be truly happy.” No game can bring you happiness, of course, but this one promises to be so good, and the wait has been so agonizing (with a mere five screenshots to show for it!) that I’m beginning to think crazy thoughts.

There is hope. Just yesterday Playdek confirmed on their Facebook page that they’re still aiming for June availability. And on their official Web site, we just got a few more tantalizing details about what to expect.

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I doubt I’ll be able to sleep in the meantime.

Happenings in the Store

People are loving the Summoner Wars custom dice. Both 5-pack faction dice and the super-special 15-die pack have been flying off the shelves of the Plaid Hat Games online store. If you're interested in picking some up, I suggest going for it now. Who knows how long they'll last.

Meanwhile, Mice & Mystics pre-orders continue to flow in. It's great to still see the game still floating around on the Hotness list on BoardGameGeek, with fans already posting about custom ideas, audio story books, and more. You can still pre-order the game and get $25 off in the Plaid Hat Store. (Speaking of BGG, anyone else notice that Summoner Wars has climbed its way to the top 40? Apparently it's a better game than Go.)

News Article Comment Feature

The idea behind the new Plaid Hat Games site is to be more active than a typical publisher's site, and to have a community feel with lots of blogs and updates, as well as interaction.

Of course, to interact directly with the Plaid Hat Games news feed, we need a comments feature. My plan is to try to add that feature to the site via coding this Saturday. (Although if Summoner Wars for iOS miraculously appears between now and then, don't count on it.) It'd be easy to use DISQUS or some other pre-coded commenting engine, but those never quite look right, plus we really want to integrate the comments into the Plaid Hat Games message boards. So if you're looking forward to being able to comment on news articles, make sure you're registered on our forums and start interacting with the community there.