Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Faction Highlight: Phoenix Elves

Thumb your nose at the dice gods.

Have you ever played a game you so strategically planned you knew somewhere deep in your heart it would be impossible to thwart? A silent, but exciting thought probably hit you as the plan unfolded in your mind:

"Holy crap! I've totally got this. If I can only roll what I need to..."

Ten minutes later, there you were curled up in a ball, sobbing in a corner as your opponent stood on the table laughing an evil and victorious laugh. How could it have happened? You had it all planned out! That game was yours! Then the god of six-sided dice looked down on you and said, "I hate you (insert name here)!"

Now imagine playing a game where the dice god has little or no say... Where the plan unfolds exactly as you intended... Where all your game playing dreams come true...Say hello to the Phoenix Elves!

The Phoenix Elves are a determined and bitter race. Differing from others of their kind, these volcano- dwelling beings will stop at nothing to restore all they think they have lost. Though their ancestral home is now gone, their passion and desire for vengeance burns like the magma core of Itharia. The ancient Phoenix Elves have mastered the element of fire and perfected their skills with the blade, striking flawlessly at those whose purpose opposes their own. A warm breath of air now rolls over the snowy wastes as the elves, newly armed with a Summoning Stone, descend upon their most hated of rivals, the Tundra Orcs - or as the xenophobic elves often call them, the blueskins.

The Phoenix Elf faction has a deck that emphasizes a well thought out strategy followed by perfect execution. Why perfect? Unlike any other faction, the elves have the advantage of direct damage. No rolls. Just hits. One example of this awesome concept lies with the Guardian:

Phoenix Elf Guardian

Of course even if the other units are not gifted with Precision like the Guardian, many of their Event Cards make up for it.

Spirit of the Phoenix

Whether you are an offensive or defensive player, the elves are good at both. However, there is something truly exhilarating about charging your opponent. Summon Phoenix Elf Warriors to immediately charge in and attack units, then Blaze back to the safety of a Wall before your opponent can retaliate!

Phoenix Elf Warrior

...or maybe you want to hold back and let your opponent come to you for a change? Use Archers to pick at your opponent from afar, while in the process, staying out of the fray of battle.

Phoenix Elf Archer

One of the greatest of the Phoenix Elf Champions is the ancient and strong Fire Drake. It would be a terrible thing for any foe to be fooled by this creature's calm and often resolute posture. The Fire Drake is deadly both close and at a distance. Just when your opponent thinks he can hide behind a wall, be sure to remind him that the Drake's Breath of Flame is an attack that absorbs everything within its reach.

Fire Drake

Designer Tip: The Elves' greatest weakness is the Prince's low Life Points. Though his powerful Fire Blast and high Attack Value are tempting weapons for approaching foes, be wary of how open you leave Prince Elien on the field. He can easily die in a single turn! Keep an eye out for instances when Prince Elien has a Wall you control in the space that is either to the upper left or upper right of his position, and Prince Elien has clear line of sight to an enemy unit ahead. Attack the unit ahead with Prince Elien and at the end of your turn, immediately place a Phoenix Elf Warrior in front of him to block off possible counterattacks.

Prince Elien

When playing with the Phoenix Elves never forget that your greatest advantage is in setting the terms of battle. Do not be drawn into conflicts where your units can be ganged up on or suffer multiple attacks, especially against factions with Common Units that possess more than 1 Life Point. If you take care to control the flow of battle, your Phoenix Elves can emerge victorious - whether the god of six-sided dice wants them to or not!