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We have heard your cries for Ashes! While we tried to get it on the grounds of this years' Origins Game Fair, we were unsuccessful. However, my dear friends, we have partnered up with Kingmakers Board Game Parlour just a short walk down from the convention center for our Origins 2016 Ashes Tournament! We will be selling the tickets through our own site, so check out the details and how to purchase tickets below. 

ONLY 32 SPOTS AVAILABLE. Only the first 32 tickets bought will be eligible to attend. Any others will be refunded. This item will be marked as out of stock as soon as possible after tickets sell out.

Access to this event is non-transferrable cannot be bought/sold to others. If you purchase and later decide not to come, please e-mail [email protected] and we can refund your ticket.

We will email purchasers leading up to the event to confirm participant names.

Click here to purchase your ticket.


Origins Ashes Tournament at Kingmakers

Kingmakers Board Game Parlour
17 Buttles Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Friday June 17, 2016:  9AM-5PM

Tournament Structure:
32 spots available

4 rounds of Swiss that will then cut to the top 4.

For tournament rules please click here.

Tournament Price:

Tournament Prizes:
All Participants: 1 Mist Spirit Alt Art conjuration & 2 Ashes Originals posters.
Top 4: Ashes exclusive playmat & an Alt Art Rin and Brennen
Tournament Winner: Extra Ashes dice set (40 dice total), Ashes Dice tray (made by Dog Might), and $50 in credit.

Random Prizes will also be available to those that do not place in the top 4.

Dice Box

Additional Notes:
Kingmakers has graciously offered Happy Hour prices during the event. $2.00 off all draft (including wine and mead) and $1 off all domestics.

Please do not bring any outside food or drinks, as it is against Kingmakers policy.

Please remember that this is meant to be a fun and memorable event that hopefully we can start hosting every year! To help us sure that happens, we encourage you to be kind and courteous to everyone that attends and show good sportsmanship. Also please help us say thank you to Kingmakers for helping us make this happen last minute by purchasing food and drinks at their fine establishment. We want to make sure that it is a successful event for them as well.

For any additional questions or concerns please contact [email protected]

Click here to purchase your ticket.


Dragon4201976 commented:

Wish I lived closer to Ohio

Posted on 2016-05-19.

Ahud7 commented:

Awesome, got my ticket can't wait!

Posted on 2016-05-20.

Dread Sovereign commented:

Damn america and their decent tournament support, will you be posting videos of the games?

Posted on 2016-05-21.

MightyToenail commented:

But, but, but, why can't we have a major tourney in northern Maine?

Posted on 2016-05-21.

Akai commented:

Who do I have to kill to get one of those posters?!

Posted on 2016-05-23.

Dragon4201976 commented:

its actually two posters and it makes the big poster with out the Kingmaker symbol.
And yes i would love to be able to get the Posters too.

Also get the Wooden box or wooden first player tokens too.

Posted on 2016-05-26.

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