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SeaFall Pre-Orders Set Sail

Pre-order from and get over 100 upgraded metal coins free!

SeaFall boxThe world is emerging from a dark age where history and knowledge were lost. The great provinces have just begun re-establishing seafaring technology. Wealth and fame await leaders who are cunning and brave. Explore the coastal islands. Discover lost civilizations. Sail the open sea in search of new lands. Uncover long buried secrets. Sail until the sea falls off the edge of the world!

SeaFall, a Legacy board game designed by Rob Daviau, is now available for pre-order on the store. And to make your adventure that much more epic, customers who pre-order SeaFall from will receive a FREE full set of over 100 upgraded metal coins to replace the coins that come in the box! Click here to pre-order today!

By heading to the SeaFall game page at, you can get more info, read a game overview, and download the game rules and welcome insert to get the most detail. SeaFall designer preview articles from Rob Daviau will be posted here at starting Tuesday May 17!

game set up

Like the players who play them, Legacy games 'remember' what happen from game to game. Player choices have irreversible impact on the game world as the game board changes, cards are modified and sealed packs are opened revealing twists and turns in an epic storyline.

SeaFall is the third Legacy game designed by Rob Daviau. It was preceded by Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy Season 1. Both were important and acclaimed games whose innovation and scope sent ripples through the board game community. Now, for the first time ever, Rob has built a world and game from scratch around the Legacy idea.

Since SeaFall is played in a long campaign, it is recommended that your playgroup stays as stable as possible, with you plus 2-4 friends experiencing the story and adventure together over 15 or so games. The game rules contain contingencies for when players occasionally need to miss a game, drop out or join in.

Click here to pre-order SeaFall: A Legacy Game from the store today! To make your adventure that much more epic, SeaFall pre-orders come with over 100 upgraded metal coins to replace the coins that come in the box!


The above image is a mock-up. More details on the coins forthcoming in a news article as soon as we get the physical samples in.

SHIPPING: All US orders of $100 or more at come with free shipping. Currently our pre-order totals in the EU have surpassed what we expected to fill from the EU. Special Mail shipping is down while we look into possible alternatives.

Note: Ahead of pre-orders shipping, know that a limited number of copies will be sent directly to Gen Con. These copies will be entirely separate from the pre-orders of the game, and we will not be offering a pre-order pick up at Gen Con. While this isn’t our preference and we’d like the pre-orders to be shipped prior to the show, we can’t guarantee their arrival prior to the time of the show.

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