Origins is upon us! The annual Ohio game fair goes from today (Thursday, May 31) until Sunday and Plaid Hat Games has a large booth with plenty of seats available to demo Summoner Wars, Dungeon Run, and, wait for it... Mice and Mystics!

Mice and Mystics DemoI just spent the whole day at the Plaid Hat Games booth and had a blast introducing Summoner Wars and Dungeon Run to gamers all day. It's great to invite people to sit down and play games that you know they'll love, because YOU love the games so much.

I had fun hanging out with some of the Plaid Hat Games guys. Issac, specifically, spent all day demoing Mice and Mystics for interested visitors to our booth. That's right, if you can make the drive down to Columbus, a Mice and Mystics prototype is on hand, so you can personally play through the chapter with Issac and your friends!

(If there are any more questions about replayability, they can be put to rest by Issac, who must've led over a dozen groups through the same chapter today!)

Other than the photo I'm including here, I don't have much to say about the sessions, since I was busy playing other games all day. All I know is that it went over very well and most everyone said, "I'm gonna pre-order this!"

Besides all that, I noticed that there were (very) limited quantities of Jungle Elves decks available at the booth, and that's a tough deck to find elsewhere right now.

So if you're within 700 miles or so of Columbus, Ohio, make the trip out to Origins and come say hi at the Plaid Hat Games booth before the weekend is over!