Rob Daviau, designer of Seafall: A Legacy Game, tweeted the following last night:

Yes we're all very excited. (Note this implies nothing about release dates or pre-orders.)


SketchRs commented:

Just awesome! Can't wait!

Posted on 2016-01-21.

Alex commented:


Posted on 2016-01-21.

XDarkAngelX commented:

There are not enough Likes in the universe for this news.

Posted on 2016-01-21.

champrjk commented:

I have been awaiting this moment for what feels like all my life.

Posted on 2016-01-21.

joepinion commented:

Rob Daviau tweets about SeaFall, SeaFall shoots up the hotness list. XD

Posted on 2016-01-22.

freezinpee commented:

Oh my goodness gracious. I've been waiting for so long. Me and the wife just destroyed pandemic legacy and we are pretty pumped for this. Love the legacy system.

Posted on 2016-01-22.

BigGameHunter commented:

How much is this going to cost and any order when it goes on pre-order?

Posted on 2016-01-22.

cmarie commented:

YAY!!! :)

Posted on 2016-01-26.

NinjaKnight commented:

I'm confused? Is PHG publishing this?

Posted on 2016-01-26.

joepinion commented:

Yes, PHG has always been the publisher of SeaFall.

Posted on 2016-01-27.

Parvizal commented:

Are there playtesters needed? Will this be playtesting through the PHG community?

Posted on 2016-02-11.

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