As Halloween night approaches we want to remind you of the two downloadable Lost Chapters, Cat's Cradle and The Ghost of Castle Andon, that are available on our website to add a little spooky fun to your Mice and Mystics play sessions. 

We've also seen a few fun costumes posted on social media this year, so if you or your family is dressing up in a Mice and Mystics themed costume please share it with us, we'd love to see!


KAM commented:

Been wanting to get Ghosts of Castle Andon played in my family run of M&M. So fun.

Posted on 2015-10-29.

Logan2x commented:

Really looking forward to buying both of these, but have been waiting for the Heart of Glorm expansion to be in stock so I can make one big purchase. I was told, via e-mail, in mid September it would be available within a week. Still waiting :-(

Posted on 2015-10-29.

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