Dead of Winter app

The Dead of Winter Crossroads Cards Companion App has arrived on the Google Play store for Android devices. Click here here to buy the app for $0.99 on the Google Play store!

UPDATE: The app is now on the app store for iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices! Click here to get the Crossroads Companion App on the app store.

You can download the app and enjoy these features:

  • All the Crossroad Cards from the base game!
  • Crossroad Cards read to you by Eric Summerer!
  • See the trigger only until the card triggers!
  • Consequences can be hidden until you make make your choice!
  • Include or exclude mature-themed cards!
  • Mood-setting music!

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Nate commented:

Let us know when you have an ETA for us with IOS. We're looking forward to trying it out. Out Holloween party will just have to be "old school". We really enjoy the energy you've brought us with these games, PLEASE get some new content rolling. If you could get us an expansion before Christmas, that'd be GREAT!

Posted on 2015-10-31.

ramonis commented:

I have bought the app and I really find it useful. Well done! Do you plan to include fan-made cards as well any time soon?

Posted on 2015-11-01.

ShotgunCaribou commented:

Are there any plans to include the promo cards? I only have Kolby right now, but I plan to get both Felicia and Roberta Plum. It'd be a shame to have to choose between using the app and not having their cards included.

Posted on 2015-11-02.

Hilgendwarf commented:

Also, will the app include the Lucky Luke promo card from Watch It Played? I'd really like if it did!

Posted on 2015-11-04.

twicethecaffeine commented:

This is a great addition to the game. It adds more tension (like it didn't have enough all ready!) and Eric Summerer has a great voice for narration. Get it!

Posted on 2015-11-05.

Diderot commented:


Can I play the Long Night expansion with this app?
Will I be missing out in the new content if I do?

If yes will there be a new app to support the expansion?

Posted on 2016-10-19.

koldran commented:

Why the app is region Locked? Why is unnavailable to my contry? thats ridiculous! I should get a cracked version instead?

Posted on 2016-12-31.

Tolkana commented:

Where are the Dead of Winter app for IOS? I want to integrate Long Nights with the original.

Posted on 2018-04-04.

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