The long wait for the release of our Dead of Winter Crossroads Cards Companion App will be over this Saturday October 31st, just in time for Halloween gaming! 

Dead of Winter App

Created by Nazca Games' Emerson Matsuuchi (the brilliant designer behind by Specter Ops)  the Companion App will allow for easy access of the Crossroads cards in a digital format that can be passed from player to player, with only the trigger shown until you are ready to move on. Once in the app, players can now make choices without knowing the results of their decisions! Increase the mood with background and music FX, tailor play with the ability to include or exclude mature or co-op cards from all the original Crossroads cards in the base game, and did we mention story moments narrated by Eric Summerer?!

screenshotscreenshot 2

Releasing for both iOS and Android devices, if you weren't planning to play Dead of Winter this coming weekend, you might want to think again!


Obsidian commented:

I am super pumped for this!

Posted on 2015-10-26.

Hardman commented:

Awesome! I'm running my daughter and her friends through a game this weekend. I only wish we had Windows 10 support, so I could have it on all of my devices. :D

Posted on 2015-10-26.

KAM commented:


Posted on 2015-10-26.

jackjfleming commented:

Is this a complimentary app or is there a cost associated with it?

Posted on 2015-10-26.

primalsilicon commented:

Awesome getting Eric Summerer for voice work!

I also enjoy the Mice & Mystics story moments, which lend an extra layer of storytelling.

Posted on 2015-10-26.

Huuuze commented:

Will we ever see the other Mice and Mystics stories read by a voice actor?

Posted on 2015-10-26.

ObsoleteThree commented:

Awesome work on this! Can't wait to try it! I have a long plane ride on sunday, I think I'll download this and just listen to it the whole time!

I assume promo cards won't be included in on this? Is there a way to add "custom" cards to it so I could at least have a placeholder for the promo cards so we know to dig them out of the box and just read them?

Posted on 2015-10-26.

7monkeys commented:

Does it work on a Kindle Fire?

Posted on 2015-10-26.

ossiangrr commented:

Support for custom cards? I wouldn't want to have to choose between the personal touches and the awesome effect of the app.
(Obviously I'm not expecting voiceover work here ;) )

Posted on 2015-10-26.

damja commented:

Been waiting for this for a while. Super pumped!

Posted on 2015-10-26.

Boomer_Kable commented:

This will be great!! I'll definitely be playing DoW this weekend for sure!

Posted on 2015-10-26.

Barlow commented:

One thing that would be extremely helpful (that I have mentioned on the forums) is to have a picture of the character on the trigger screen so you don't have to ask the other players if they have "Sophie Robinson" for example. Instead you have a little picture of the character on the screen to compare to the characters on the table.

Posted on 2015-10-27.

Nate commented:

Where is it? Oh they must not be central time.

Posted on 2015-10-30.

BTBAM commented:

Crossroads Cards Companion App successfully released on Android,, but looks to be delayed a few days on iOS.

Posted on 2015-10-31.

Nate commented:

Well that sucks...most of our community use IOS so we can play over distances FaceTime...

Posted on 2015-10-31.

Kabal commented:

Here's hoping it comes out soon!

Posted on 2015-10-31.

Djiem commented:

I have created this account just to thank you guys for this awesome app! I love Dead of Winter, and the Crossroads Cards are cool, but they were kinda fiddly, and this app fixes that issue superbly!

I'm always a fan of apps that aren't necessary to play a board game, but that improve the experience.

Posted on 2015-10-31.

demon_llama commented:

at the FLAGS where I play I tend to avoid electronic stuff (usually PDF's of game books), but THIS is one App that I'm going to recommend to everyone. This is cool. thanks :)

Posted on 2015-11-05.

Dragon4201976 commented:

I hope they allow for the Promo Cross road cards to be included. that would be awesome!

Posted on 2015-11-15.

simonj commented:

When will this app be available in Spanish?


Posted on 2016-01-07.

BrianSmith42 commented:

App is not functional on iphone 6 plus. Seems to register all touches as double touches or something, Tested it my self and many other app reviewers are saying the same thing. The app support link just takes you to your home page and there is no clear way to report this crippling bug. Read the many app store reviews for many more details if needed. Hope this gets fixed it is impossible to use for me to use until then :(

Posted on 2016-03-12.

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