Can anyone de-throne the 3-time Summoner Wars app-champ, snalg? Probably not, but if you somehow manage to do so, you'll get a $100 gift card!

Six new factions have been released on the Summoner Wars iOS and Android App just in time for the Summer 2015 Summoner Wars app tournament!

Sign ups have begun. Hurry! Spots are limited, sign up today. It costs nothing, and you could gain eternal glory as well as some free games.

Competitors will be divided into 6-player pools and will play their whole pool simultaneously. Your five games each round must be with five different summoners. With 16 summoners to choose from, there will be more variety than ever!

Click here to sign up for the Summoner Wars 2015 Summer App Tournament.

Click here to get Summoner Wars from the iOS app store.

Click here to get Summoner Wars from the Google Play store.


dspringer13 commented:

Sad that they missed Kogar, Hulgorad, Bodgan, Rygos, and Urick champs in the ios/android update. Commons missing appear to include Rogues, bounder, and demon hand. Hopefully they will add later as a free upgrade...

Posted on 2015-07-20.

tortugatron commented:

They just didn't include the mercs from Taliya, Piclo, or Bellor reinforcement packs (and 4th promo). Urick is really the only one missing from the mercs actual reinforcements. I assume they will be in the mercenary pack 2. When that will be I have no idea, but hopefully soon(ish).

Posted on 2015-07-20.

BusDriver commented:

Notifications are still broken on Android so I may have to sit this one out.

Posted on 2015-07-24.

Irisches Glueck commented:


It freezes the game and will cause you to forfeit... word of warning. Other than that; GL!

Posted on 2015-07-31.

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