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Dead of Winter, Mice and Mystics, and now Specter Ops!

We like to think our games provide some of the best thematic experiences board games have to offer. Whether you're zooming in a car toward a sneaky agent, building barricades to keep a zombie out of the colony, or of course, fighting a cat as a mouse with a toothpick as a sword, our games are intended to be FUN.

I'm willing to admit weaknesses, though, and games like Dead of Winter and Mice and Mystics can take a long time to set up and tear down. That's not always fun. So many tokens. So many characters. So many cards and dice! That's why a great custom game insert goes a long way. has been providing inserts for some of Plaid Hat's games for a while, and has now added Specter OPS in addition to Dead of Winter, Mice and Mystics and Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales. Click here to visit their web store.

Here's a photo I just now took at my desk of my own personal Dead of Winter insert from This photo was taken after storing the game vertically. You can see how well it keeps things organized, including keeping zombies separated from survivors and helping me organize the different decks. The insert is also carefully crafted so that it's easy to pull decks out of the box.

Dead of Winter insert

Now, check out this second photo I just took (apologies for the Windows phone camera) that shows how the tokens and dice can be pulled out of the box and set wherever you need--game-ready instantaneously! No more baggies, no more amorphous piles of stuff all over the table, no more picking up each piece meticulously to put back in a bag.

Dead of Witner insert

My Dead of Winter set-up/tear-down experience is so much more pleasant, easy and fast thanks to this insert. Dead of Winter, Specter OPS, and Mice and Mystics can all be augmented with a great custom insert!

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