iosAs I played a late-night game of Dead of Winter (everyone won, yay!) my phone buzzed a few times. But as a dedicated, focused gamer, I ignored it. After my friends left and I headted toward bed at midnight, I finally glance at my phone...


Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. And only $3.99 for all six with reinforcements!!

The app was released on iOS in the summer of 2012, with eight factions. In the summer of 2013, the Mountain Vargath and Benders joined the fight. The following summer, Android users got their version. And now this summer, SIX new factions, completing the round of original summoners. There are now 16 factions, along with reinforcements and mercenaries to deckbuild with!

For those who have played the app but not the physical version, here's what you're getting:

  • Shadow Elves: Selundar relies on speed and surprise, getting up in your face.
  • Sand Goblins: Krusk and his band of survivors are efficiently priced and use the power of the sandstorms.
  • Deep Dwarves: Tundle's crew features units with amazing but expensive abilities--but Tundle himself generates magic!
  • Swamp Orcs: Thanks to their summoner Mugglug, the Swamp Orcs grow in power as their swamp grows for every unit that dies.
  • The Filth: The Demagogue transforms his weak commons into vile but powerful tools.
  • Mercenaries: Rallul is all abou the walls--moving them, tearing them down, and using them for even more nefarious purposes.

Only 3.99?? What a deal! Head to the iOS app store or the Google Play store immediately and support Playdek's amazing product by purchasing the new factions today!


Adam commented:

"Failed to connect to the app store." ahalsd;lkjasgh

Edit: Got it! Prepare for the vinewall apocalypse.

Posted on 2015-07-16.

Hilgendwarf commented:

Picked up mine early this morning! So excited for the new factions!

Posted on 2015-07-16.

tortugatron commented:

Yay for new factions! But now MUD is useless until we get more data :(

With signups for the next tourney comin this weekend, I might need to brainstorm something else for tiebreakers this time.

Posted on 2015-07-16.

Clarissimus commented:

The update completely broke the game for me. I can't even launch it without a crash.

Posted on 2015-07-16.

Crimson commented:

So happy to finally have new factions!! I'm ok with a few bugs if it means new options!

@tortugatron I really am excited to see how this affects tournaments in the future. It should be good!

Posted on 2015-07-16.

Skydragon222 commented:

I'm using an android and this update completely broke the app for me. It's made gameplay nearly impossible. Hoping they release a quick fix.

Posted on 2015-07-17.

wittela commented:

Is this the update to the Playdek app? I received a message two days ago that the a new version of the app was available, and that I needed to update my app to play online. I contacted Playdek because the app doesn't appear in my Kindle store. Playdek says they won't have the app updated for Kindles for a few weeks.

Is updating the app a matter of paying $3.99 for the new factions, or do I need to update the old app and then pay $3.99 for the new factions?

Posted on 2015-07-17.

Classicsmiley commented:

Still waiting for an announcement of Summoner Wars for Windows 10...

Posted on 2015-07-17.

PassiveAssassin commented:

I bought the new decks for IOS and Android. :) WORTH IT.

Now I can finally try to get my head wrapped around how to play the Filth.

Posted on 2015-07-18.

Corran commented:

I have also a problem after upgrade the application on my Android. It breaks after unpacking and now it doesn't start. I reinstalled it, but it didn't help. Now I can't play even the previous version since I can't downgrade it. :(

Help me, please!

Posted on 2015-07-19.

joepinion commented:

For those who cannot open the app, please contact Playdek directly, [email protected]

Posted on 2015-07-20.

Kroz commented:

Yeah, it will play fine for 3 to 4 turns, then it will freeze on the AI's turn.

Posted on 2015-07-24.

XIE ZONGHUA commented:


Posted on 2015-07-25.

Grayto commented:

I get similar issues using Android. It's ok but the AI takes A REAL LONG TIME to think, and some are still thinking right now..... Quitting a game when this happens freezes it.

Posted on 2015-08-19.

Corran commented:

I installed it on another device and finally I can play new factions :)

I found two ERRORS for the Filth:

1. I can't build the deck with more than one champion. It should be possible to have 0-3 champions (interchangeably with mutations).

2. On the game against Vargaths, when I change a mutation, it should have its new ability even if the previous mutant began the turn within 3 spaces of Luka (look at FAQ

Posted on 2015-10-13.

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